Chalk1Up: About


Released: June 17, 2013

Added rope support in the graphs.


Released: May 23, 2013

Added SSL to the site, so your browsing is more secure.


Released: April 26, 2013

Highlights include new themes, a menu side-bar, a map visualization of gyms, dynamic page loads, a new layout of the routes page, and picture rotation

  • Themes

    We have made some additional themes you can select from in the menu. If there is a theme color you'd like to see, or a change you'd like to see, let us know!

  • Menu Side-bar

    Instead of tabs, we now have a menu bar to give you more options

  • Gym Visualization

    When you go to the gyms page, you can see a map of them all. The colored gym bubbles are gyms that are currently active. This will eventually change to gyms you've been to recently.

    You can also sort the order of gyms by distance from you, name, or how often you've been there.

  • Gyms: Responsive List

    The gyms page also is a prototype of a cool new feature we will add throughout the site -- responsive list/grid views!

    Basically, we change how the list of gyms are displayed depending on how large your screen is. So try rotating your phone or tablet, or if you're on a browser change the width of the window.

  • Dynamic Page Loads

    Now, when you open a page, we will show gym, route, and session info as it comes in. So instead of waiting for all the info to get to your device, you can get to work immediately!

  • Routes Layout

    Instead of tabs, we now have a menu bar to help you navigate more quickly! This is also where you'll find our theme options.

  • Picture Rotation

    You can now rotate Area and Route pictures.

    For areas, simply click the area button in the routes page, then click one of the rotation buttons in the corner.

    For routes, click your desired route (such as from the routes page) and click the blue banner with the search icon. Again, click a rotation button in the lower corners to rotate

  • Auto-Sessions

    If you click a route but forgot to start a session, it doesn't matter! Just log your send like you normally would, and we will automatically put you into a session at that route's gym.


Released: December, 2012

Added graphs and better workflow.


Released: April, 2012

Initial mobile webapp release

chalk1up - Climber's Portal - v1.2.2