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About Chalk1Up

The App

Chalk1Up is a tool for climbers to track their progress, compete and stay up to date with friends, and earn accolades to get some extra motivation to climb hard.

Chalk1Up relies on our active community to log routes and lighten the load of route maintenance for every climber. If you're lucky enough to be at one of our partner gyms, then the setters will do all the upkeep work through our setter's portal and you'll be able to see the routes from home as soon as they're up!

We keep some info about each route, so you can search for something to climb by a Grade, Area, Theme (Crimpy, Pinchy, etc), or Rating. Additionally, since we know what routes you've worked on, but haven't sent yet, we can produce a Todo list for you.

The Creators

We created this tool because there's nothing really out there yet for tracking and analyzing indoor climbing. Additionally, as our group of climbing friends have moved throughout the country, Chalk1Up has made it much easier to keep up with each other from a distance. Chalk1Up helps us compete with each other and share our cool gym sends.

Data Visualization

We have a number of visualizations of climbing stats which can help you understand your climbing trends. By knowing what you've been doing, you'll have an easier time tailoring your training to your needs. Here's an example graph of climb sessions over time. You can see that this climber got in a bit of a slump and recently realized it thanks to our visualizations. Now he has been working on power endurance to try to break out of that plateau. We aim to provide you useful graphs, not just pretty ones.


We'd like to thank the following people for their open source tools that have made it easier for us to develop this webapp!

chalk1up - Climber's Portal - v1.2.2